• Global G836KB Knife Block Set 5-pieces
    Global G836KB Knife Block Set 5-pieces Made in Japan. Design: Komin Yamada The GLOBAL knife block in this set is equipped with slots for the five included knives and one additional slot which can accommodate our GLOBAL Kitchen Sheard or one of our shorter sharpeners. This set contains next knives:  - G-22 Cook's knife, 20 cm - G-9 Bread knife, 22 cm - GS-11 Utility Flexible knife, 15 cm - GSF-15 Peeling knife..
    PROMOTION 599.00€ 229.00€
    DEMEYERE 44903 SET APOLLO SET44903 - 3 piece cookery set - Apollo This set includes:  casserole/saucepot (with lid) - 18cm/7,1'' (Ref 44318) casserole/saucepot (with lid) -  20cm/7,9'' (Ref 44320) sauce pan (no lid) - 20cm/7,9" (Ref 54920)   Apollo For many professional and amateur chefs, cooking is more than just preparing food. It is love, a passion, that can lead ..
    PROMOTION 449.00€ 269.00€
    DEMEYERE 88017 RESTO SET SET88017 - 4 piece cookery set - Resto This set includes:  casserole/saucepot (with lid) - 18cm/7,1'' (Ref 80018) casserole/saucepot (with lid) -  20cm/7,9'' (Ref 80020) stockpot (with lid) - 24cm/9,4" (Ref 80094) saucepan (no lid) - 16cm/ 6,3" (Ref 81116) ​Resto The Resto by Demeyere - these products are manufactured from 18/10 stainless st..
    PROMOTION 275.00€ 159.90€
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